Who I am.


I am Annika Derksen, 22 years old. My biggest dream is to be the owner of a classical Volkswagen Van, preferably a blue one. - Donations are always welcome. - On the top of my bucket list is, next to travel around the world, the ability to speak at least five languages fluently. Furthermore I dream to visit every continent, I think fish are utterly fascinating and I cannot live without my bicycle.


On the other hand I find cities without a noteworthy number of bicycle stands particularly irritating. Insects and I don’t exactly see eye to eye and one of my biggest talents is my clumsiness. Yet it seems to entertain people, so I guess that’s a good thing.



What I do.


Following two basic photography courses at the London School of Photography, I started to study photography at Narafi, Luca School of Arts in Brussels in September 2015. I’m currently enrolled in my third year of the bachelor. Discovering the many aspects of photography all together, slowly advancing a more personal style.



Why I do it.


From a young age on I’ve been intrigued by everything surrounding me. This developed into a passion to captivate that what catches my eye. As I explored the bond between me and my camera and all I could accomplish. I started to develop an interest in visualising my own thoughts and ideas into photographs.